The United States Needs to Get Involved in the Negotiations to End the Russia-Ukraine War

March 21, 2022

This is a one-page plan of action for any American wants to end the war -- for whatever reason(s) you want it to end.

What do I need to do?

Call your House of Representatives congressperson, and call the President of the United States, and tell them you want the United States to get involved in the negotiations to end the war.If you have never done this before, this is how a call might go with your congressperson's phone staff person:SB: Hello, House and Senate Switchboard.You: Hi, I'd like to leave a comment for my Congressperson.SB: Do you know who your Congressperson is?You: No.SB: What's your zip code?You: 55555SB: OK, connecting you to John Smith.You: Thank you.JS: Hello, the Office of John Smith, how can I help you?You: Hi, my name is So-and-so, I wanted to leave a comment for Congressperson Smith about the Russia-Ukraine war.JS: OK, can I get your name please?You: So-and-so.JS: And what is your comment, please?You: I would like the United States to get actively involved in the negotiations to end the Russia-Ukraine War -- I don't see any reports showing Joe Biden or his team negotiating to end the war, and the war is not going to end until he does.JS: So you would like Joe Biden or his team to negotiate with Nato or....?You: Nato, Russia/Putin, Ukraine/Zelenksy, Santa Claus, whoever needs to be involved.JS: Thank you, is there anything else?You: No, that's it for now.JS: OK, I will let Congressperson So-and-so know.You: Thank you. Bye.JS: Thank you, goodbye.House of Representatives & Senate
You will most likely only be able to get voicemail for the President.President of the United States
202-456-1111 (11am-3pm, Tue-Thu, EDT)
If you really do not want to call, then you can contact them electronically instead:House of Representatives
President of the United States

Why does the United States have to be involved in the negotations?

Because the United States largely controls the world, including Europe, where this war is happening, so the United States has to be involved in the negotiations for a combination of two reasons:1. We, the United States, will ultimately have to sign off on the deal, else it will not happen, or even if a deal is signed, it will not be effective unless supported by the United States, and2. So as to not waste time -- because the United States government knows what they want -- and we concerned citizens do not want the negotiating process to have to re-start from scratch because the United States doesn't like the deal that was signed in its absence.

What is the proposed basis for an agreement?

The Minsk II (two) agreement, which was already agreed to back on February 12th, 2015 -- about seven years ago, but never implemented.This agreement was made before Russia invaded Ukraine, so all the new conditions will have to be dealt with.Ultimately, it will be up to the United States, Russia, Ukraine, and other impacted parties to decide what the final agreement looks like -- this is just a good starting point.

Why is the United States not negotiating a settlement already?

This and lots of other questions will be asked, and hopefully eventually answered, over the days and years to come -- assuming we live to see them -- but right now we only have speculation -- i.e. we do not know.